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TV Viewing Distance Calculator

Whether setting up a purpose-build home theatre or just upgrading your existing analog box, oen important consideration is the size of your new screen. When choosing your next big screen TV, bigger doesn’t always mean…

Red Bull F1 Spy

Road test: Red Bull F1 Spy app

Last week’s Formula One Grand Prix at Albert Park in Melbourne certainly whet the appetites of revheads everywhere. But between the races, how can you keep up-to-date with the latest news from the paddock and other inside information? Well, there may be an app for that.

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Which PVR would you recommend?

PVRs are in an interesting phase of their lifecycle. They have probably the largest dance of channels available, they’re cheap, have heaps of storage for your dollar, and they’re easy to connect to any TV sold in the last 5 years. However, it’s probably also the worst time to buy one.


How to: Transfer contacts from BlackBerry to iPhone

So you’ve finally given up on your old BlackBerry? While you’re busy saying goodbye to tactile keyboards and resigning your old ‘mobile’ phone to the museum, you should think about how you are going to get the most important info from your old BlackBerry to your new iPhone: the contact data.


iPod Nano problem: Okay to disconnect?

The lady of Chateau Techpop loves to listen to tunes while at the gym. She does not, however, like it when the screen hangs on her iPod Nano with the message “OK to disconnect”. So…

Laptop rage

Laptop Saga Part 1 – Check out my new…uh-oh

Buying a new laptop computer should be a great experience. You’ve saved up (hopefully) and you get to splash some cash on a shiny new toy. But what if something you thought was new was actually used, re-boxed, and still had someone else’s details on it? Well, that exact thing happened to me last week.

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WFH: 5 top excuses why tech should let you work from home

In the past few years, many have started to find their home computing setup (laptop, Internet, tablet) has allowed them to keep connected for work, and even work at a better pace. This makes working from home technically a great solution, but more traditional managers still want to keep you chained to the office.